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We plan on having our office space pull double duty as both a workspace and a relaxation/mediation room. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones and is used to calm and clear energy, restore balance and facilitate meditation, which was precisely the vibe I was going for, so I let the tones of this pretty blue and grey stone dictate my color scheme for our zen room.

1. Ceramic Phone Dock and Succulent Planter by STAK Ceramics
2. Tan Leather Moroccan Pouf by MaisonMarrakech
3. Salt Rock Moon Lamp by simplychi
4. Solid Black Walnut Raw Edge End Tables by Anton Maka Designs
5. The Sakura Blue Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga
6. Misty Mountains Wall Mural by Anewall Decor
7. White and Ombre Blue Linen Curtains by Lovely Home Idea
8. Wooden Clipboard with Mountain Detail by Lemonee On The Hills
9. Handmade Mountain Mirror by Flux Glass
10. Blue Glass Air Plant Holder by SNL Creations
11. Vintage Ship at Sea Painting via Homestead Seattle
12. Tumbled Blue Kyanite Pieces via Instant Karma Shop
13. Macrame Wall Hanging by Buttermilk Design Co.
14. Vintage Star Chart via Antique Print Store

see the full wishlist and more of my fav Etsy stuff over at here

Window Shopping | Super Natural




Lately, my vibe has eschewed more towards Woodland Fairy than 70’s Rock Goddess (which is my go-to style guide for getting dressed most mornings). Maybe it’s being back in Tahoe, maybe it’s the sub zero temperatures and my inability to feel my extremities whenever I step outside for more than five seconds. Whichever, my urge to hibernate in a pastel pink and gold cavern of wonders is overwhelming. I crave chunky knit sweaters in neutral tones, leather goods in shades of caramel and chocolate and sage. All I want is a giant Pendleton blanket to snuggle up beneath, along with some hot cocoa and a good book.

Sounds perfect, come and get me when the ground thaws.

01. Artemis hair pin by AlmanacForJune
02. Air Plant, Tillandsia, on Crystal Point by FalconandFinch
03. Classic Cable Knit Vintage Fisherman Sweater by VintNation
04. Black and White Snow Trees Photographic Print by BlackBranches
05. Organic Cotton Button waist Pin-tucked Camisole and Petticoat by THREADBEAT
06. Dark Woods Flower Crown by NomadFloralDesigns
07. Vintage 10 Point Deer Antlers with Skull by CopperAndTin
08. Ceramic trinket dish by leahgoren
09. Mineral Pink Agate Gemstone iPhone Case by dsbrennan
10. Marbled Silk Ribbon by NatalieAsIs
11. Summer Sisters, Wood Girls Silhouette Art Print by thepairabirds
12. INTO THE WILD a long glass corked vial specimen necklace by Run2theWild
13. Leather Kilim Fringe Bag by 14xbags
14. Natural Fox Hand Embroidered Flats by KatzAndBirds


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