Window Shopper | The Vixen’s Guide to Valentines Day



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Make this Valentines a little more vixen than vanilla by surprising your honey with some slightly darker delights. Play it safe with some gorgeous lingerie from Lalilouche or FRKSlingerie, or get a little wild with some light-weight bondage gear and black wax candles to drizzle on each other. Whatever happens, keep it safe and consensual, oh yeah, and have fun!

Check out more of my finds over on Etsy.

Timewarp Tuesdays | Vintage Valentines




I found myself slipping into the endless time-suck that is Pinterest the other evening, and in my ramblings came across some truly epic collections of vintage Valentines Day cards. I love how weird most of them are, full of bad puns, goofy illustrations, and odd innuendos. I want to hand out some of these on Valentine’s day.

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