Timewarp | 1950’s Teens on the Porch


There’s something about a summer day spent lounging on the porch. Sweet tea or lemonade in hand, a friend or two to keep you company. Mix in a little music, some bare feet and maybe a porch swing or a rocking chair and you’ve pretty much got it made. Much like these teens in the 1950’s via Life Magazine.

Time Warp | Beach Babies


Halleluja for summer! The temperature keeps creeping up, the sun is on full blast and everyone looks like they just got back from vacation, all sun soaked skin and sappy smiles as they loll slowly down the street. My freckles are multiplying and the desire to shed my clothes and jump into a large, icy body of water grows more and more persistent. Thinking back on my favorite summer time memories, their all full of this brilliant, golden light and the spark of sunlight on ripples, the sensation of the sand beneath me, the icy lap of water against my ankles. So much of my summer has been defined by water, by lakes and rivers and oceans and pools. By long days of swimming and diving and floating in it. By hot afternoons propped up on my elbows beside it, reading, laughing, drinking, talking. We used to have bonfires on the beach, bright faces ringing the flames, the pound of the ocean a shadowy mass beyond the circle of friends. We used to float rivers and fling ourselves off cliffs and rush through the air at the end of a ropeswing, holding our breath for the moment when we are plunged, once again, into the sweet, cool depths.

I can’t wait to get out and enjoy all the fruits of the summer time, particularly the aquatic variety. Southern California is renowned for it’s beaches and unfalteringly sunny days, and Ojai has tons of tiny, backwoods hot springs and watering holes speckling the hillsides. I plan to enjoy them all.

What’s your favorite way to pass a summer day?

image via Pinterest

Summer, Glorious Summer

Summer! Glorious summer! June always meant the beginning of summer to me, as Tahoe generally got snow all through May, those first few days of June represented the beginning of long, hot days spent at the beach and nights filled with friends and adventure. Something about the summer is timeless to me, stretching on into forever in my mind. An endless succession of golden hued days that seem to blur into each other in a warm haze. Remember being a kid, how the in your mind and memory summer was this ages long season of dusty palms and scraped knees and ice cream melting down the sides of the cone. Strange how time telescopes like that, stretching on eternally in your mind when you’re small.

Now the seasons flicker by like a film in fast forward. I’m 25 already, and with the close of this summer I’ll be 26. Summer’s don’t last as long as they used to, and it’s come to mean something different to me now. The taste of cold beer, the smell of BBQ’s and hot asphalt. The way my skin feels after a day spent in the sun; saturated and heavy and gloriously drowsy. The slow descent of the sun to the horizon, the golden half-light of dusk. Leaning far out the passenger side window and letting the wind whip through my hair. Sand in everything I own.

I’m trying to savor this golden time. Take advantage of every hour of daylight and heat. Soak up as much vitamin D as possible. Bury my toes in the sand of as many beaches as I can find my way too. Accumulate a heap of new freckles. Attempt to acquire something resembling a tan. I want this summer to last forever in my mind, stretch on into an infinity of wonderful memories to get me through the winter.

How are you planning on making the most of your summer? What’s something that is intrinsically linked to summer time to you?

Timewarp Tuesdays | Vintage Valentines




I found myself slipping into the endless time-suck that is Pinterest the other evening, and in my ramblings came across some truly epic collections of vintage Valentines Day cards. I love how weird most of them are, full of bad puns, goofy illustrations, and odd innuendos. I want to hand out some of these on Valentine’s day.

timewarp | 1920’s girls having fun on the stairs

1920's girls having fun on stairs via retronautimage via retronaut

a gaggle of stylishly dressed ladies goof off on the stairs. serious shoe/frock-envy going on right now.

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