Book Club | San Francisco : A Sunset Pictorial


I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite vintage books, including this recent find. A 1969 Sunset Pictorial of my old turf, San Francisco. Full of dreamy black and whites and the occasional full color spread, there is still a timelessness to San Francisco that is perfectly captured here. The city preserves it’s strange beauty, the clamor of it’s hodgepodge houses on the hillside. The sweeping views and the tightly-knit neighborhoods. It is such a vast sampling of humanity on such a narrow spit of land and There is definitely an energy to a place and San Francisco’s is wonderfully unique and shines through, even in old photos.






Brain Clutter | 03.28.15 | the demise of Neverland, preschool for adults and spring cleaning for the soul


☽The vibrant, graphic work of Elena Boils is really doing it for me now. This piece is called Flowers and is from her Timbergram series.
☽I started reading BrokeAssStuart before I even moved to San Francisco and his cheapskates guides to SF were my tour guide to the city when I was still living on hostess wages and paying obscene amounts of rent. He’s sort of an institution there and for many of us he’s the Patron Saint of Living Well When You’re Broke… so this post he did for the BoldItalic, on how even the king of being poor in that city is terrified of losing his home due to San Francisco slowly shifting away from being the neverland of perpetual pixies, punks and pirates that I fell in love with absolutely broke my heart.
☽So, the entire internet is counting down the days until April 12th premier of the new Game of Thrones season…and this new trailer and set of behind the scenes videos is not helping my withdrawals.
☽This perfectly preserved 1950’s era kitchen is so Barbie Dream House it hurts. That fridge!
☽The water out of the tap in Southern California is notoriously bad, and according to the Coveteur, might be what’s been messing with my hair and skin. This shower head filter could solve the issue.

☽This acoustic performance of Ghost by Halsey, off her recent EP, Room 93 is just the sort of soulful, husky-voiced vocalizations that I love.
☽This solar distiller that turns salt water into drinking water could save thousands of lives, as well as help CA out of it’s droute.
☽A Brooklyn based preschool for adults. Any bets on how long it will take this to become a thing on the West Coast?
☽The conversation around Mental Illness is becoming less guarded in our society. It’s great to see Celebs speaking out on how mental illness has affected their lives.
☽Here are 6 reasons to start your day before 6AM
☽…and 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People.
☽There are so many lies our culture tells us about falling in love, here are the worst of them.

“I believe it takes more love to listen well and clearly articulate your thoughts than it does to buy into the myth that true love “always knows.” True love works hard to know.”

☽The things American parents nag their kids about haven’t changed much since the 1985, when Mike Cohen recorded his Mom and Dad hassling him about cleaning his room.
☽A beautifully photographed guide on how to dry and preserve medicinal herbs.
☽Say what you will about the crazy color schemes and questionable upholstery choices, the 70’s was an era of fearless interior design.
☽Career Girl Daily did a great roundup of little tips to boost your blogs popularity and how to actually do whats on your To Do list.
Katie Horwitch talks about spring cleaning for the soul and how it’s a lot like spring cleaning over on the Chalkboard. Also, this post on how to change your life.
☽True talk about how awesome Adventure Time is.
☽I just started reading Jessi Kneeland‘s blog and loved this post she did on her epic self-love secrets: ogling yourself in the mirror.

Drift is an app that guides you on a walk through your neighborhood (or anywhere really) using randomly assembled instructions. Sometimes the best way to explore is to just get lost.
It always works better if you’re enjoying it.
☽My intelligent, articulate and super-wonderful friend Ally writes about the importance of non-judgment and patience and trying to pee on an airplane during turbulence.


I❥SF | The Haight

A few moments captured in my old hood, the Upper Haight. This is Haight-Ashbury in all it’s grimy, technicolor, patchouli scented glory.

















I❥SF | The General Store



When I lived in the Outer Sunset, it was at the crossroads of 46th and Judah, the second to last stop on the N-line before San Francisco fall’s off into the Pacific. Wedged between Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, the Outer Sunset was the perfect landing pad for someone fresh out of a small town. Populated largely by families and surfers, it’s a quiet neighborhood with a smattering cute restaurants and coffee shops, like the illustrious Trouble Coffee, whose excellent coffee I subsisted on that first cold, foggy summer. I’d snag a cup to warm my insides, and retreat into the lovely little alcove that is General Store to keep out of the mist.




Offering a host of beautifully and simply designed objects, General Store started out as a design collective originally founded by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter. It opened it’s doors to the Outer Sunset in 2010 and opened a second location in Venice Beach in 2012. Both locations carry a selection of beautifully curated items, from both local artisans and vintage sources.



So many little treasures live between these walls, and the garden space in the backyard would be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of Trouble and flip through a print copy of Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Hop off the N-Line at 46th and find your way to this place, or check out their online store for a gold mine of goodies.

I❥SF | In A Room on Haight Street…


Back in September I mentioned that I was moving out of San Francisco, so these photos are a bit dated. I snapped these shots of my room right around the time I decided to move. It’s kind of bittersweet looking at them again. Walking into that apartment for the first time was like walking into a dream I’ve had since I was 16 years old. I fell in love in this room, spent hours reading and editing photos and writing on that bed. I talked and laughed and commiserated with dozens of friends–both new and old–on that floor. Those walls know so many of my stories. They were my sanctuary when life was just too much, when the hustle and bustle of the city wore on me, I could retreat to this space that was mine and it was as much a part of my experience in San Francisco as the city itself.


I have the tendency to rearrange my room compulsively every three months or so, so this was what my room looked like right before I packed it all up to move. I went through dozens of iterations though, and I imagine that room had seen countless more arrangements of furniture and knick-knackery. Our building was over 110 years old, precisely the sort of classic, old San Francisco Victorian building that I had imagined living in my entire adolescence. I used to watch the sunset seep across the sky behind Sutro Tower and try to imagine who had been there before me. Who had sat in that window and looked down at the river of humanity flowing past on the streets below. I had stood beneath those windows myself, a 16 year old child on her first solo trip to San Francisco, and imagined myself living on this street, in one of those apartments overlooking the chaos of Haight Street. For months after I moved in I couldn’t believe that it was real, that I was living that fantasy my 16 year old self had envisioned all those years ago.



There will always be a special place in my heart for this room, and the city in which it is located. I learned so much about myself while living here. I fell in love, I made many wonderful friends, I experienced so many amazing things and made so many incredible memories. I’ll never be able to walk down Haight Street without pausing beneath those windows and thinking about the girl I was when I lived there. These pictures will help me remember.



Timewarp Tuesday | San Francisco and the Bay in the Summer of ’71


I discovered these awesome shots of San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland from the summer of 1971 over on Business Insider (I have no idea why I am following this blog, but I am grateful for it now) and I am completely obsessed with these sun drenched images of the Bay and it’s denizens.





The really fascinating thing to me is how different the city is, yet somehow, it seems exactly the same. There’s so much about SF that is timeless, from the eclectic architecture to the cast of characters that populate it’s strange, undulating streets. It’s a city that lives perpetually in a state somewhere between past and present, existing on the cusp of a reality whose time seems to move at a different pace from the rest of the world. The busker in that last shot could easily be one of the hippie kids hustling for change on Haight Street. The bustling crowds at Fisherman’s Wharf still gape out over the water to where Alcatraz looms over the dance of ships and sailboats in the bay. The chaos of signs and strip clubs still dominate the streets of North Beach. Images like these make me fall a little more in love with this magical city and make me so grateful to call it home.

Gift Guide | C is for Cyclist



San Francisco is a city full of bicycles and the people who love them. Considering the topography of this city, I find it impressive that so many people use a bike as their primary mode of transportation. In addition to that, I consider bike riding in the city to be a terrifying gamble with ones life, so I abstain. I’m accident prone, and SF is notorious for bike accidents so I’ll stick to MUNI and my own two feet, thank you very much. Perhaps when the streets become safer for cyclists I’ll invest in a bike of my own again. Perhaps something that looks like this? Until I get my own set of wheels I guess I can spoil my pedal pushing friends with some nifty accessories and pretty bike paraphernalia.

Honorable Mention: Hövding the Airbag for Cyclists an invisible helmet that revolutionizes biking and removes the conundrum of sacrificing style for safety. Halleluja!!


Brain Clutter | 07.07.2013

  • Rookie understands how awesome Tina Belcher of Bob’s Burgers is, and when they break it down, I realize I have a lot in common with homegirl.
  • this awesome map of the U.S. with literal translations of the names of states and cities that are something straight out of a fantasy novel.
  • this lovely photo diary of a day spent on the Bordeux waterfront over on Cuillere A Absinthe..
  • this gorgeous photo essay of an idyllic weekend getaway to the Clare Valley in South Australia over on Vanessa’s blog.
  • Digital Grotesque is an ambitious architectural project to 3D-Print an elaborately decorated room, and the 1:3 scale prototypes are pretty mind-bending. 3D printing, kids. it’s the future.
  • this sugar-coma inducing tour of San Francisco’s Ferry Building shops over on Bakerella showcases San Francisco’s obsession with baked goods.
  • this company makes custom ViewMaster’s, personalized with your photos. How cute!!
  • Christina over at Profresh Style is hilarious, fashionable, intelligent and just all around awesome. Check out this video she made on how to motivate yourself to fully understand why i’m developing a mad girl-crush on her.
  • this dreamy tumblr, DRIFT, is the photo-diary of Hannah Davis as she documents her 6 month journey around the world.
  • and the bitch-queen Sorority sister who crafted this amusingly abusive letter to her fellow sisters is now giving dating advice. thank god.
  • independent artist and researcher, Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie that more accurately represents the female population, and she be fly as fuck.
  • an interesting app by Nike which breaks down the environmental impact of the various materials used to create a designer’s product.
  • i have been thinking a lot about random acts of kindness, and how easy it is to forget that the strangers around us are people too, struggling just as hard as we are…so  Sincerely, Kinsey‘s post on her words of kindness project really struck home with me. Can you give two random strangers a genuine compliment, every day  for a year?
  • this article by Refinery29 on switching to an all natural beauty routine got me thinking about the products i use. any recommendations?

Personal Style | No Place To Be Alone

I snagged these super spiffy purple pants at the big goodwill downtown and now their one of my new favorites. The color, the fit, and the amazing embroidered details on the belt loops are all so perfect I can’t get over it. And, to top off their perfection, they seem to go so splendidly with so many things I already own. For example, this vintage top with its red, gold, black and purple stripes accents them so splendidly. Threw on my trusty red flats and my ubiquitous denim jacket and felt like the classiest of ladies.


I snapped these photos on the steps of a staircase in Golden Gate Park that I thought might grant me a little privacy, since its a bit hidden at the back of a field and nestled amongst trees. But as soon as I pulled my camera out it seemed to become a primary thoroughfare. So I sucked up my chagrin at being the strange girl taking pictures of herself in the park and managed to capture these images in between pedestrians.

This might be my only real complaint about living in the city. As a child of the mountains, I am unused to having such a difficult time finding a bit of seclusion. The city is no place to be alone. I live in a house with four other people, on a street constantly mobbed with tourists and transients alike. I work a job where one of my primary duties is to be gregarious and charming, and while I love my roommates, my city, and my profession, at times it can be a bit much to be always “on” for someone. At times, a body just wants a bit of solace. And finding a moment to be alone is an entirely different thing in the city than it is in the mountains, where the solitude of nature can be reached within steps of ones front door.

{blouse | vintage a perfect match}{pants | vintage Mo Hee}{flats | thrifted MIA}{jacket | vintage Climate Control}

Here, you must seek silence. You must hunt for it like a lost set of keys. Finding a quiet spot to think, or read, or take photos, or just sit in contemplation is a rare respite from a city thrumming with curiosity about it’s inhabitants. Most often, one finds their solitude in the crowds. In the anonymity of being a member of this teaming metropolis. By sitting quietly on the train without making eye contact, secluding yourself with head phones and far-away stares. But finding a true moment of isolation, of pure aloneness, is rare.


personal style | a circle around where you are now

apologies for my absence. i’ve been in the midst of many a personal crises and haven’t known what to do with myself. but things are better now, settling into a rhythm i can rely upon. i am feeling calmer, clearer. my sense of purpose restored. for the first time in a long time i feel like i am exactly where i’m supposed to be.
{vintage skirt | thrifted} {leather purse | thrifted} {f21 blouse | thrifted}{shades | buffalo exchange}
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