Book Club | San Francisco : A Sunset Pictorial


I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite vintage books, including this recent find. A 1969 Sunset Pictorial of my old turf, San Francisco. Full of dreamy black and whites and the occasional full color spread, there is still a timelessness to San Francisco that is perfectly captured here. The city preserves it’s strange beauty, the clamor of it’s hodgepodge houses on the hillside. The sweeping views and the tightly-knit neighborhoods. It is such a vast sampling of humanity on such a narrow spit of land and There is definitely an energy to a place and San Francisco’s is wonderfully unique and shines through, even in old photos.






Timewarp Tuesday | San Francisco and the Bay in the Summer of ’71


I discovered these awesome shots of San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland from the summer of 1971 over on Business Insider (I have no idea why I am following this blog, but I am grateful for it now) and I am completely obsessed with these sun drenched images of the Bay and it’s denizens.





The really fascinating thing to me is how different the city is, yet somehow, it seems exactly the same. There’s so much about SF that is timeless, from the eclectic architecture to the cast of characters that populate it’s strange, undulating streets. It’s a city that lives perpetually in a state somewhere between past and present, existing on the cusp of a reality whose time seems to move at a different pace from the rest of the world. The busker in that last shot could easily be one of the hippie kids hustling for change on Haight Street. The bustling crowds at Fisherman’s Wharf still gape out over the water to where Alcatraz looms over the dance of ships and sailboats in the bay. The chaos of signs and strip clubs still dominate the streets of North Beach. Images like these make me fall a little more in love with this magical city and make me so grateful to call it home.

personal style | a circle around where you are now

apologies for my absence. i’ve been in the midst of many a personal crises and haven’t known what to do with myself. but things are better now, settling into a rhythm i can rely upon. i am feeling calmer, clearer. my sense of purpose restored. for the first time in a long time i feel like i am exactly where i’m supposed to be.
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Time Machine | Rock ‘n’ Roll sur les Quais de Paris

images via | retronaut
circa 1950, these photos by Paul Almasy capture kids on the Quays of Paris jamming out. What do you suppose they were dancing too? And is it just me or does it look like the chap observing is looking through a camera phone?

iconography | james dean + marilyn monroe

iconography | james dean + marilyn monroe

james dean + marilyn monroe smoking in new york city.


Time Warp Tuesday

Flashback Friday

Salvador Dali and a young Yves Saint-Laurent | Retronaut

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