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We plan on having our office space pull double duty as both a workspace and a relaxation/mediation room. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones and is used to calm and clear energy, restore balance and facilitate meditation, which was precisely the vibe I was going for, so I let the tones of this pretty blue and grey stone dictate my color scheme for our zen room.

1. Ceramic Phone Dock and Succulent Planter by STAK Ceramics
2. Tan Leather Moroccan Pouf by MaisonMarrakech
3. Salt Rock Moon Lamp by simplychi
4. Solid Black Walnut Raw Edge End Tables by Anton Maka Designs
5. The Sakura Blue Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga
6. Misty Mountains Wall Mural by Anewall Decor
7. White and Ombre Blue Linen Curtains by Lovely Home Idea
8. Wooden Clipboard with Mountain Detail by Lemonee On The Hills
9. Handmade Mountain Mirror by Flux Glass
10. Blue Glass Air Plant Holder by SNL Creations
11. Vintage Ship at Sea Painting via Homestead Seattle
12. Tumbled Blue Kyanite Pieces via Instant Karma Shop
13. Macrame Wall Hanging by Buttermilk Design Co.
14. Vintage Star Chart via Antique Print Store

see the full wishlist and more of my fav Etsy stuff over at here

Window Shopper | Oh, Sweet Sylvia


OhSweetSylviaGuide1. Ariel: Poems by Sylvia Plath First American Edition 1966
2. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath vintage paperback
3.  Vintage Woven Leather Flats – Size 11
4.  Vintage Style Floral Turban Headband
5.  Vintage Deadstock Black Clubmaster Eye Glasses
6.  Vintage 1950s Straw Hat
7.  Calligraphy Starter Kit
8.  Busy Bee Brooch
9.  Vintage Glass Cloche Bell Jar Dome
10. Long Wool Skirt
11.  Crazy Horse Leather Bag
12. Vintage 1950s Black Lace Gloves
13. Vintage Typewriter Oliveti Lettera 22

So, my obsession with Ms. Plath has reached new highs of late, so much so that my Etsy favorites are channeling her vibe super hard. Decided to put together this little wishlist of Plath-ian goodies that I’m pretty sure Sylvia would have approved of. That vintage Oliveti typewriter is just like one Plath used. She was so fond of writing letters, I imagine her handwriting was impeccable, so I included a little Calligraphy starter kit to prettify your poetry. That darling bumble bee brooch is an homage to her father, whose work with bees Sylvia much admired. And of course, what Sylvia-themed wishlist would be complete without copies of her most famous works, The Bell Jar and a first addition copy of Ariel.

Window Shopper | The Vixen’s Guide to Valentines Day



1. | |

Make this Valentines a little more vixen than vanilla by surprising your honey with some slightly darker delights. Play it safe with some gorgeous lingerie from Lalilouche or FRKSlingerie, or get a little wild with some light-weight bondage gear and black wax candles to drizzle on each other. Whatever happens, keep it safe and consensual, oh yeah, and have fun!

Check out more of my finds over on Etsy.

Gift Guide | E is for Ear Candy

E is for Ear Candy1


Music is pretty universal. No matter who the person is, gifting them something to enjoy their favorite tunes through will make you a hit. I rounded up a few of the most attractive music listening devices I could find on the interwebz. Let’s rock.

  • Go retro and introduce some vinyl into someones life with the Crosley Keepsake Deluxe USB Turntable. Plus, the keepsakes cool USB outlet allows your albums to be recorded in digital format so you can enjoy your records on the go.
  • Or, for the more discerning audiophile, this beautiful, high quality and limited production turntable is called The Barky Turntable and it is lovingly custom built by the design geniuses over at Audiowood.
  • This cool Bluboom Blueooth Portable Speaker by Triple C Designs is made of beautiful, natural walnut and has a rechargeable lithium battery lifespan of up to 7 hours of stylish playtime.
  • This beautiful Upcycled Mid Century Modern Speaker has been retrofitted with bluetooth capabilities so you can still enjoy the joys of Rdio and Spotify without having to leave your phone sitting on top of the stereo.
  • Similarly, Tombox is a project by German design firm Diefabrik that restores discarded, quality speakers and adapts them for use with modern technology.
  • And in other recycled objects, these cute portable amps built into mint tins is absolutely adorable.
  • These LSTN Cherry Wood Troubadour Headphones are so pretty that I literally let out a little coo of contentment when I saw them for the first time. Each pair is individually handcrafted out of reclaimed cherry wood, and for ever pair sold, LSTN helps restore the hearing of a person in need through the Starky Hearing Foundation.

E is for Ear Candy

  • These gorgeous I-MEGO Throne Headphones in Gold are so luxe, with gold detailing and plush leather, there’s memory foam in their ear-pads, for chrissake. The acoustic engineering on this particular set is geared toward the big bass of rock, R&B and hip hop. I imagine Biggie and Black Sabbath sound equally amazing through them.
  • For a subtler dose of opulence, The Monitor Headphones by legendary amp makers, Marshall, are made of black vinyle leather with brass accents, evoking the spirit of the companies rock and roll history, while providing high quality sound and comfort.
  • These quirky DVF♥HVN Cat Headphones were created as a collaboration between NYC DJ Harley Viera-Newton and stylish cat lover, Diane Von Furstenberg (the adorable cat on the ear piece is inspired by Ms. Von Furstenburg’s beloved kitty, Marmite). The set even comes with a matching mini-mp3 player that can hold up to 70 minutes of music.
  • This slick IDEA Card Speaker is so slick and glam, like a slim gold bar that sings to you.
  • Yeah, that pretty black headband she has on? Thats a set of headphones. The Molami Twine Headphones are made of a soft, flexible headpiece that wraps around your head, looking for all the world like a lovely silk head wrap. Molami also makes a bunch of other very chic headphones and their function meets fashion ideal has resulted in some gorgeous work.

Gift Guide | D is for Dad

dad2 dad Dads. We all have one. Or maybe a father figure. Anyways, theres someone in your life who represents the archetype of a dad, and he should probably get something cool for christmas too. My dad is sort of a manly man. I grew up going fishing and camping with him, and he and my brother are both hunters and generally rugged individuals. Needless to say, my prevailing girly nature frustrates him to no end. So this is my attempt at a mountain man themed gift guide, since my father is the epitome of one.

  • This cool screen print “The Outdoorsman” by The Best Part is an 8-color homage to vintage camping gear that reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom and my dad.
  • A handsome leather card sleeve is the perfect stocking stuffer for a dad with a day job.
  • And it will go perfectly with this slim, classic leather briefcase by Red Clouds Collective.
  • I’ve been wanting to scoop this book up for my dad for ages, since it’s right up his alley. Whole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook is the print compendium of Australian food and lifestyle blogger Rohan Anderson‘s vast knowledge. His blog chronicles his mission to live sustainably off the land, growing, hunting, fishing, foraging and preserving in order to provide for himself and his family. The book is equal parts cook book and wilderness guide, with tips on how to set up a home garden, forage for edible food in the wild, and what gear and resources to utilize while pursuing a simpler, more connected lifestyle.
  • This beautiful wood and brass fish serving platter would look perfect in my dads kitchen.
  • Fig and Yarrow‘s bayleaf and balsamic vanilla aftershave comes gift-ready in a black box tied with twine, and the handsome amber glass bottle is made to be left casually on bathroom countertops.
  • Keep that countertop from getting too cluttered with this rugged leather dopp kit which has a removable waterproof lining. Perfect for at home or while traveling.
  • I have never seen my fathers face. He’s had a full beard since his early twenties and I have no idea what he looks like without it. This fir needle scented beard oil by the succinctly named Simply Great Beard Oil Company should keep those bristles fresh smelling and lustrous.
  • How about some father daughter bonding? With the Brewery In A Box by Urban Brewery you two can get in some quality time together while brewing your own one gallon batch of beer. Yeah family bonding over alcohol!
  • These repurposed vintage apothecary bottles make gorgeous, custom etched decanters for whatever your brand of liquid courage is.
  • These gorgeous vintage brass stags head bookends would look stunning supporting a row of your dads favorite books.
  • Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese method of printing fish that was originally intended as a way for fishermen to record their catch, but evolved into an art form of it’s own. This reproduction Gyotaku print of a striped bass would look beautiful framed in an office or minimal kitchen.
  • These spiffy little storage devices are called Tool Dots and their simple, ingenious solution to the clutter of the garage or tool shed. The dots adhere to the wall with an adhesive backing and a super-strong magnet covered in a plastic bumper grabs your tools and keeps them in place, organizing and displaying simultaneously.

So, what are you getting your dad for the holdays? Check out the rest of my picks for pops over here, and stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!

Gift Guide | C is for Cyclist



San Francisco is a city full of bicycles and the people who love them. Considering the topography of this city, I find it impressive that so many people use a bike as their primary mode of transportation. In addition to that, I consider bike riding in the city to be a terrifying gamble with ones life, so I abstain. I’m accident prone, and SF is notorious for bike accidents so I’ll stick to MUNI and my own two feet, thank you very much. Perhaps when the streets become safer for cyclists I’ll invest in a bike of my own again. Perhaps something that looks like this? Until I get my own set of wheels I guess I can spoil my pedal pushing friends with some nifty accessories and pretty bike paraphernalia.

Honorable Mention: Hövding the Airbag for Cyclists an invisible helmet that revolutionizes biking and removes the conundrum of sacrificing style for safety. Halleluja!!


Gift Guide | B is for Brother



B is for Brother. Yeah, that kid. The one you spent most of your adolescence trying to either ignore or murder. Yup. Aren’t you glad you two have grown out of that? It’s much nicer on the other side, trust me. Realizing your siblings are your allies is sort of like a Homer Simpson “D’oh!” moment. You finally move out of your parents house and suddenly you come to this realization that all that time you wasted fighting with each other could have been better spent as a team. A unified front against the evils of Mom and Dad. Now that my little brother and I are friends, I always feel really compelled to find him an awesome Christmas present. That being said, we have completely opposing taste. He’s a backwoods snow bro living in Tahoe, while I’m the stereo typical vintage-loving hipster chick. Nevertheless, we have conflicting ideas about what is “cool”. So this gift guide is more a mash of things I think are cool than things my actual brother would think are cool. Except for maybe that recycled skateboard bench from Deckstool, Ty would totally be into that.

Check out the rest of my picks for the brother you don’t call enough over here. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!

Gift Guide | A is for Artist


My compulsive Etsy browsing habits have resulted in quite a few holiday gift guides this year. In fact, I’m feeling so festive I’ve put together an entire alphabets worth of gift guides! *Cue maniacal laughter. But seriously, there is so much goodness on Etsy, and as much as I disagree with the outrageous consumerism the holidays seem to trigger, I realize people are gonna buy shit around the holidays, and I’d much rather you spend your money with independent sellers and artists than have you throw it at big, evil corporations like WalMart and Target. So here, the first of my anti-corporation alphabet gift guides. A is for Artist: gifts for the friend forever smudged with charcoal and paint.

Check out the rest of my Etsy picks for the Artist in all of us over here, and stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!

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