The Casa Ojai | Zen Space


We plan on having our office space pull double duty as both a workspace and a relaxation/mediation room. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones and is used to calm and clear energy, restore balance and facilitate meditation, which was precisely the vibe I was going for, so I let the tones of this pretty blue and grey stone dictate my color scheme for our zen room.

1. Ceramic Phone Dock and Succulent Planter by STAK Ceramics
2. Tan Leather Moroccan Pouf by MaisonMarrakech
3. Salt Rock Moon Lamp by simplychi
4. Solid Black Walnut Raw Edge End Tables by Anton Maka Designs
5. The Sakura Blue Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga
6. Misty Mountains Wall Mural by Anewall Decor
7. White and Ombre Blue Linen Curtains by Lovely Home Idea
8. Wooden Clipboard with Mountain Detail by Lemonee On The Hills
9. Handmade Mountain Mirror by Flux Glass
10. Blue Glass Air Plant Holder by SNL Creations
11. Vintage Ship at Sea Painting via Homestead Seattle
12. Tumbled Blue Kyanite Pieces via Instant Karma Shop
13. Macrame Wall Hanging by Buttermilk Design Co.
14. Vintage Star Chart via Antique Print Store

see the full wishlist and more of my fav Etsy stuff over at here

Gift Guide | A is for Artist


My compulsive Etsy browsing habits have resulted in quite a few holiday gift guides this year. In fact, I’m feeling so festive I’ve put together an entire alphabets worth of gift guides! *Cue maniacal laughter. But seriously, there is so much goodness on Etsy, and as much as I disagree with the outrageous consumerism the holidays seem to trigger, I realize people are gonna buy shit around the holidays, and I’d much rather you spend your money with independent sellers and artists than have you throw it at big, evil corporations like WalMart and Target. So here, the first of my anti-corporation alphabet gift guides. A is for Artist: gifts for the friend forever smudged with charcoal and paint.

Check out the rest of my Etsy picks for the Artist in all of us over here, and stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet!

Window Shopping | Blackbird and the Owl


blackbirdandtheowl6 blackbirdandtheowl11


Founded in 2012, Blackbird and the Owl is the brainchild of Peggy Wolf, an illustrator in the design and fashion world. Her minimal, elegant patterns offset the buttery soft leather she uses in every piece with bold, repeating design elements that make her bags both functional and whimsical. There is a playfulness to the patterns and color pallets, and a beautiful simplicity and functionality of form that allows every piece to translate well between outfits. I’m a little smitten. I want that last one in my hands immediately. I can imagine how buttery soft the leather is. Mmmmm. Be sure to stop by and check out her Etsy shop.

Window Shopper | Happy Camper

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.
These fantastic vintage and handmade finds are from my favorite internet window-shopping retreat, Etsy, and man, have they got my heart aching for some communal time with mother nature. And since August was always the month of the summer I spent exploring the woods and sacrificing earthworms on fish hooks, it seemed appropriate to post this little nostalgic glimpse into the camping trips of my youth. I’m fairly sure my father still has his military issue sleeping bag from his time in the service. I can practically smell the campfire and pine trees.
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