Timewarp | 1950’s Teens on the Porch


There’s something about a summer day spent lounging on the porch. Sweet tea or lemonade in hand, a friend or two to keep you company. Mix in a little music, some bare feet and maybe a porch swing or a rocking chair and you’ve pretty much got it made. Much like these teens in the 1950’s via Life Magazine.

Book Club | San Francisco : A Sunset Pictorial


I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite vintage books, including this recent find. A 1969 Sunset Pictorial of my old turf, San Francisco. Full of dreamy black and whites and the occasional full color spread, there is still a timelessness to San Francisco that is perfectly captured here. The city preserves it’s strange beauty, the clamor of it’s hodgepodge houses on the hillside. The sweeping views and the tightly-knit neighborhoods. It is such a vast sampling of humanity on such a narrow spit of land and There is definitely an energy to a place and San Francisco’s is wonderfully unique and shines through, even in old photos.






Time Warp | Beach Babies


Halleluja for summer! The temperature keeps creeping up, the sun is on full blast and everyone looks like they just got back from vacation, all sun soaked skin and sappy smiles as they loll slowly down the street. My freckles are multiplying and the desire to shed my clothes and jump into a large, icy body of water grows more and more persistent. Thinking back on my favorite summer time memories, their all full of this brilliant, golden light and the spark of sunlight on ripples, the sensation of the sand beneath me, the icy lap of water against my ankles. So much of my summer has been defined by water, by lakes and rivers and oceans and pools. By long days of swimming and diving and floating in it. By hot afternoons propped up on my elbows beside it, reading, laughing, drinking, talking. We used to have bonfires on the beach, bright faces ringing the flames, the pound of the ocean a shadowy mass beyond the circle of friends. We used to float rivers and fling ourselves off cliffs and rush through the air at the end of a ropeswing, holding our breath for the moment when we are plunged, once again, into the sweet, cool depths.

I can’t wait to get out and enjoy all the fruits of the summer time, particularly the aquatic variety. Southern California is renowned for it’s beaches and unfalteringly sunny days, and Ojai has tons of tiny, backwoods hot springs and watering holes speckling the hillsides. I plan to enjoy them all.

What’s your favorite way to pass a summer day?

image via Pinterest

Friday Favorites | Tinctorial Textiles


These might just be the prettiest curtains I’ve seen in a long time. The concept, executed on thin, semi-translucent wool panels that are designed to be overlapped, is an experiment in natural dyes and color blending. The name Tinctorial is derived from the latin name for the most common organic dying agents. – via Raw Color


This stunning Gainsborough Drafting Table from those fine Canadian’s over at 2point54


Rohan Anderson, the Australian food and farming blogger behind Whole Larder Love, has a new book coming out entitled A Year of Practiculture: A Guide to Living, Growing, Hunting, and Cooking With The Seasons


The embroidered illustrations of Izziyana Suhaimi.


This pretty collection of stoneware and wooden bowls in this pretty Portland home. -via DesignSponge


Goals + Ambitions | July 2015

IMG_2140The month ahead…

Reading | Universal Myths: Heroes, Gods, Tricksters and Others by Alexander Elliot

I picked this up off my roommates bookshelf the other afternoon and found myself entirely absorbed. Mythology and religion have always been fascinating subjects to me, so learning more about the ways in which myths and legends have shaped humanity is completely compelling reading for me.

Learning | to approach my photography without judgment.

I have this strange anxiety about taking a photo. I want the right moment, the right shot, the right setting and lighting. And I want it all on the first try. I’m a perfectionist at my core and I find myself frustrated when I am not instantaneously gratified by the perfect shot. This is unreasonable, I realize.

Exploring | a few of the yoga studios around town.

My good friend Mel just opened up her own studio called Arrow Heart Yoga over in Meiners Oaks and I’m so excited to go check out a few of the classes she’ll be offering! I haven’t attended a yoga class in-studio since I left SF, so I’m excited to see what Ojai has to offer.

Creating | more personal and custom content for the blog.

I’ve been working really hard to get a consistent posting schedule going for Gypsi and hopefully, this month, you guys will see the fruits of my labors. I have so much fun stuff planned for the summer!

Healing | myself.

I’ve been sick a lot this year, and last month I had to take a couple weeks off work for personal health reasons. Between all the moving, job changes, stress and just the daily grind, my body and my immune system have just been worn out. I finally had to take a moment to slow down and take care of myself and reconsider my personal care routine. I’m making a very concentrated effort to be more mindful of myself, more aware of my body and what it needs and more proactive about giving it the care and exercise it needs to remain healthy.

Enjoying | taking time to journal every day.

Keeping a journal has always been something I’ve done, and lately I’ve been trying to be more mindful of carving out time during my day to sit down and really go over my feelings, my day and just do a little check in.


Femme Fatal | Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe


Frida Kahlo is a Femme Fatal for a bunch of other reasons that have nothing to do with her iconic style and truly epic threads,  By the time she was eighteen she had survived both polio and a horrifying trolly accident and would live the rest of her life in unimaginable pain. She was an outspoken communist, openly bisexual and intensely talented. Her artwork, personality and image are synonymous with the Surrealist and Mexican art scenes of the mid-twentieth century. She carried on many tumultuous love affairs, with both men and women, the least of whom were Georgia O’Keefe and Leon Trotsky, not to mention her notoriously unfaithful husband, Diego Rivera, the great Mexican muralist. She kept monkeys and loved dirty jokes, drinking and dancing. She lived in a big, blue house surrounded by cacti and made art that still stops people in their tracks with it’s power. For all these reasons and many more, Frida Kahlo is a genuine bad ass, but since I just discovered these stunning images, we’re gonna talk about her clothes.


Frida is a collection of images captured by Ishiuchi Miyako. The photographs catalogue a collection of Frida’s garments and personal items, which had been locked inside a bathroom in “The Blue House”– or the Museo Frida Kahlo,  for nearly fifty years. The contents of this bathroom were placed there by a grieving Diego Rivera, who sealed off the collection with instructions for it not to be opened until fifteen years after his death. Just imagine, that bathroom, full to bursting with all that bright silk and embroidery…the smell of her still clinging to the fabric as all those skirts and frocks and scarves languished in the shadows for nearly half a century. Miyako, whose work has centered around the strange intimacy of objects, was tasked with documenting the collection in 2013.


When you think about Frida’s iconic style you must also consider that she wore her clothing as both a shield and a distraction from the incredible physical disabilities she suffered from. She wore the traditional long skirts of the Tehuana which served to not only conceal her mangled lower limbs, but also as a proud feminist and nationalistic gesture to her heritage. She wore shoes with one stacked heel to even out her polio-stunted left leg. She decorated her casts and corrective corsets so that even the instruments of her agony became art. Her clothing became as much an expression of her unique perspective on the world as her vibrant paintings. She dressed as she did for many reasons, and her style is iconic because it is as thoughtful and startling as her artwork.

Learn more about Frida Kahlo…

Images via the Michael Hoppen Gallery and good old Google Image Search

Mixtape | May 2015


image via DancinInWonderland on Tumblr


Scene Stealer | 1970’s Olive Green Interiors



As a kid, I loved leafing through the pages of my mom’s old interior design magazines. I used to spend hours looking through them, peering into what seemed to me like vignettes into other peoples realities. I would imagine the people who lived within them, what their lives were like, what they talked about as they lounged on tufted couches and gazed at italian oil paintings. Each image and room brought to life a vivid little scene in my mind, with characters and costumes and entire backstories imagined up by my strange imagination. To this day, there are still moments when I walk into a particularly interesting space and find myself thinking “I want to dress like this room.” Scene Stealer is all about taking inspiration from iconic interior design trends and turning them into outfits that suit their surroundings, but never blend in.

1. Oversized Silk Boyfriend Blouse in Rust via Cette Sole | 2. Cobra Brown Vintage Eyeglasses via MODVintageShop | 3. The Sandy MVT – Handmade Soft Leather Flats in Mahogany via Sevilla Smith | 4. Wooden Bangle Bracelet via Cool Natural Jewelry | 5. Vintage Ettiene Aigner Woven Leather Belt via Starlets Vintage | 6. Velvet Long-line Bralet and High Wasted Panty Set via DW Danielle Wood | 7. Japanese Vintage High Waisted Short Brown Suede Skirt via Menstruum

check out more of my selections for these rooms over on it’s Etsy Treasury List

I❥CA | Ojai, CA – Bart’s Books


If you’re planning a trip to Ojai, there are a few places you have to hit up. One of the essentials is Bart’s Books, located slightly off the main drag, this outdoor bookstore is the bibliophiles dream come true. Chock full of classics, contemporaries and everything in between, you can lounge in the sunshine or find yourself a shady nook and read to your hearts content. The staff is uber helpful and more than happy to leave you to your perusal if you just want a quiet place to read.




I stopped in the other day just to take a peak and wound up spending a couple hours reading by a window, watching the other patrons come and go out of the corner of my eye. The courtyard, which is open to the sky and the hot Ojai sun was just too warm, but within one of the open-air rooms, the temperature was pleasant enough to while away some time. I situated myself in a cozy armchair by the hearth and buried my nose in a first edition copy of Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea, a novel which eventually became the inspiration for Studio Ghibli’s Tales from Earthsea…yes, I am a huge nerd. I regret nothing.


So, next time you’re in Ojai, swing by Bart’s Books a pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read…or let destiny guide you and pick a book at random. You might be surprised by what you find.


Brain Clutter | 03.28.15 | the demise of Neverland, preschool for adults and spring cleaning for the soul


☽The vibrant, graphic work of Elena Boils is really doing it for me now. This piece is called Flowers and is from her Timbergram series.
☽I started reading BrokeAssStuart before I even moved to San Francisco and his cheapskates guides to SF were my tour guide to the city when I was still living on hostess wages and paying obscene amounts of rent. He’s sort of an institution there and for many of us he’s the Patron Saint of Living Well When You’re Broke… so this post he did for the BoldItalic, on how even the king of being poor in that city is terrified of losing his home due to San Francisco slowly shifting away from being the neverland of perpetual pixies, punks and pirates that I fell in love with absolutely broke my heart.
☽So, the entire internet is counting down the days until April 12th premier of the new Game of Thrones season…and this new trailer and set of behind the scenes videos is not helping my withdrawals.
☽This perfectly preserved 1950’s era kitchen is so Barbie Dream House it hurts. That fridge!
☽The water out of the tap in Southern California is notoriously bad, and according to the Coveteur, might be what’s been messing with my hair and skin. This shower head filter could solve the issue.

☽This acoustic performance of Ghost by Halsey, off her recent EP, Room 93 is just the sort of soulful, husky-voiced vocalizations that I love.
☽This solar distiller that turns salt water into drinking water could save thousands of lives, as well as help CA out of it’s droute.
☽A Brooklyn based preschool for adults. Any bets on how long it will take this to become a thing on the West Coast?
☽The conversation around Mental Illness is becoming less guarded in our society. It’s great to see Celebs speaking out on how mental illness has affected their lives.
☽Here are 6 reasons to start your day before 6AM
☽…and 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People.
☽There are so many lies our culture tells us about falling in love, here are the worst of them.

“I believe it takes more love to listen well and clearly articulate your thoughts than it does to buy into the myth that true love “always knows.” True love works hard to know.”

☽The things American parents nag their kids about haven’t changed much since the 1985, when Mike Cohen recorded his Mom and Dad hassling him about cleaning his room.
☽A beautifully photographed guide on how to dry and preserve medicinal herbs.
☽Say what you will about the crazy color schemes and questionable upholstery choices, the 70’s was an era of fearless interior design.
☽Career Girl Daily did a great roundup of little tips to boost your blogs popularity and how to actually do whats on your To Do list.
Katie Horwitch talks about spring cleaning for the soul and how it’s a lot like spring cleaning over on the Chalkboard. Also, this post on how to change your life.
☽True talk about how awesome Adventure Time is.
☽I just started reading Jessi Kneeland‘s blog and loved this post she did on her epic self-love secrets: ogling yourself in the mirror.

Drift is an app that guides you on a walk through your neighborhood (or anywhere really) using randomly assembled instructions. Sometimes the best way to explore is to just get lost.
It always works better if you’re enjoying it.
☽My intelligent, articulate and super-wonderful friend Ally writes about the importance of non-judgment and patience and trying to pee on an airplane during turbulence.


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