Caravan | 08.19.16


☽ This Strange Woman Society pin is everything.
☽ Vice wakes up with 10 Creative Women.
☽ A model gets real about trying to be the right type of pretty, and how situational/subjective beauty is.
☽ I haven’t purchased a piece in ages, but this amethyst crystal pipe from Alien Outfitters is so sick…equal parts Dark Crystal nerdiness and stoner chic.
☽ Medium and The California Sunday Magazine interviewed some of San Francisco’s homeless youth on the objects they hold dear.
☽ When three little dots mean so much more than an impending text message.
What K-Pop can teach us about good design. 
☽ These retro recreation rocket planters from Retro Revival would look amazing in my room. Small and large, please!
☽ An artist turned all the racist flirtations crap men sent her on Tinder into work that is a compelling insight on race and sex.
☽ The Environmental Working Group has a new verification program to hep consumers better identify non-toxic personal care products. That means your hunt for clean beauty products just got a helluva lot easier.
☽ How modern women are reclaiming the occult.
The photography of Shannon Taggart explores mysticism, spiritualism and the occult in modern day America…beautiful, haunting…haunted?
The hidden meaning of Alice in Wonderland:

“Delve into the writings of generations of critics, scholars and bloggers, and this beloved bedtime classic becomes variously an allegory on drug culture, a parable of British colonisation, and the story of a heroine with a bad case of penis envy.”

40 Fran Leibowitz quotes to remind you to always be a badass.
This is how you write.
☽ Are unrealistic expectations of what it means to find “the one” the reason we’re all still single?
☽ These quick profiles of 3 women who are changing the world should light a fire under you.
☽ Everyone is freaking out about Pokemon go…meanwhile, I’m freaking out about this Bulbasaur shaped ceramic planter.
☽ This cute sin away print by Ponymtl would look adorable by our kitchen sink.
☽ These earrings. I die.
☽ This delicate rose gold crescent moon necklace.

Word of the Week | Apport : a material object produced, supposedly, by occult means, particularly at a seance. 

Caravan | 08.19.16


August always brings on this sense of desperation to squeeze the last few drops out of summer, so I’ve been on that mission like a madwoman. Trips to Tahoe, beach days, sunburns and long walks at dusk have all been my primary objectives over the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been reading when I’m not on the water.

☽ Obsessed with everything in the Sugarhigh Lovestoned shop…especially the posters (the above print also comes on a vintage army jacket, too) and the Stardust Coveralls.
☽ And then theres these vintage jumpsuits, which are killinnngggg meeeee.
☽ In trying to clean up my act, I’ve been trying to find ethically sourced everything, and this amazing fair-trade, organic coffee delivery service might be my answer to the ethical conundrum that comes with conventional coffee.
☽ In keeping with that, here’s a little DIY sustainable cold brew method from Ecocult.
☽ My quest to put everything in Mason Jars is nearly complete. Snacks. Spices. Office Supplies. Soggy rainbow cotton balls. Weed. I am every hipster stereotype ever.
DIY botanical cologne.
☽ Been thinking lately that I need to find a new city…but where?
☽ Your zodiac sign is kinky.
☽ And here’s a sweet zodiac ring to let ’em know what’s up.  Actually, let’s just talk about all the things I want from VeraMeat right now.
☽ A 3-ingredient dry shampoo recipe. We’re in a drought, I’m saving water.
☽ Prerequisite feminist swag.
☽ This tugs at the planner nerd in me…the Rituals for Living Dreambook is a beautiful way to set and conquer goals.
☽ Bring back jelly shoes. Much nostalgia.

☽ He Who Must Not Be Named had a ghostwriter pen his bestselling book…and homie has a lot to say about the Drumpf.

In his journal, Schwartz wrote, “Trump stands for many of the things I abhor: his willingness to run over people, the gaudy, tacky, gigantic obsessions, the absolute lack of interest in anything beyond power and money.”

Pokemon planters, the tactile version of all your PokemonGo dreams.
☽ Still learning the delicate art of asking…such a powerful tool.
☽ This cute coozie is appropriate.
☽ Be nice to the Sephora employee‘s, they hold the secret to matching concealer, and that is a power you do not want wielded against you.

☽ Your crazy is making you poor; how mental health and poverty are intrinsically linked.

“Because most people with mental-health problems are poorer, they don’t have the savings or the means to cope with fluctuations in their finances, leading to a cycle of deprivation. You don’t deal with it, you get debt problems. It’s incredibly common,” she says. A frictionless system makes it even easier to fall into this cycle.”

☽ These 70’s era cocaine paraphernalia ads are hilarious. “Tonights forecast? Snow.”
☽ I, along with everyone else raised in the late 80’s and early 90’s, am obsessed with Stranger Things…but YTF is no one mourning Barb?
☽ If you weren’t already aware, I’m a huge Anime nerd and thus, this article on what the architecture of anime’s can teach us about the future of cities is fucking fascinating to me.
The Story of Feminist Punk 101 in 33 songs = summer playlist
☽ Thank god for the triumphant return of zine culture. Check out Not Shit Zine, a skate magazine that doesn’t just glorify quad-wheeled man-babies. Available fo’ FREEZIE on SADTP (Skate And Destroy The Patriarchy).
☽ This perfectly satisfies both my Pokemon nerdery, and my mythology nerdery.
Comic book heroes get realistic bodies.
Stop. Shaming. Women. For. Their. Bodies.

Image Credit
Posters available at Sugarhigh Lovestoned


Caravan | 07.08.16


Hey there, Home Fries. I can’t believe it’s already July! Summer in San Francisco has been surprisingly balmy, which is shocking since the months of June through August are generally pretty chilly here in SF. I’ve been taking advantage with long walks to the tops of hills and lots of park-lounging. How do you like to take advantage of the heat? This is all the stuff I was reading while I was laying in the grass somewhere.

☽ Research shows that straight people don’t exist…and that a lot of the other crap we believe about sexuality is BS.
Ms. Magazine and the Bluestocking Film Series put together a list of 22 films celebrating complex women and every single one looks awesome.
☽ Two words, kids: bog butter. Never mind that it’s 2,000 years old.
☽ Baroque-style portraits of the food that famous musical acts require in their dressing rooms. Be prepared, Rihanna may demand turkey bacon and/or sausage at any time during the day.
Ghost signs of San Francisco’s past
Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) is a program pairing travelers with creators around the world.
☽ This Ziggy Stardust tribute skirt is EVERYTHING.
☽ A real-life version of the Beach plays out at a secluded hostel in the jungle somewhere, where backpackers live in a hedonistic utopia. (NSFW…you’ve been warned)
☽ Scientist discover that King Tut had a dagger made out of space metal.
☽ [NSFW!] The naughty illustrations of Apollonia Saintclair might make your boss uncomfortable.
☽ This is the prettiest prickly pear embroidered bralette
☽ Could you go a year without buying anything? 183 days in, Michelle McGagh reflects on 6 months without a single purchase besides food and bills.
☽ This is the coolest freaking lunchbox I have ever seen.
6 ways to take your networking to the next level. 
☽ Why we should really start to consider drinking a mental health issue.
☽ How to take better travel photos.
Sex, Drugs and Broomsticks; where the iconography of the Witch came from.
☽ This little girl face lapel pin is too freakin’ cute.
Three eyed kitten stickers.
☽ I think everyone could use a scale model of the Golden Girl’s house, or better (and cheaper) yet, the DIY version.
☽ What color is love. This editorial is so beautiful. The colors!
☽ Benjamin Franklin’s advice on how to remain a constant learner throughout life.
What rape jokes look like when their actually funny.
☽ this ID interview with Masie Cousins. ♥♥♥
☽ Trauma doesn’t start with you. Whoa.
☽ For all my runners out there, this AI personal trainer looks pretty nifty.
☽ This short film exposes the subtitles of emotional abuse.
☽ This blew my mind; some people are incapable of visualizing something in their mind. It’s called Aphantasia.



The Casa Ojai | Zen Space


We plan on having our office space pull double duty as both a workspace and a relaxation/mediation room. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones and is used to calm and clear energy, restore balance and facilitate meditation, which was precisely the vibe I was going for, so I let the tones of this pretty blue and grey stone dictate my color scheme for our zen room.

1. Ceramic Phone Dock and Succulent Planter by STAK Ceramics
2. Tan Leather Moroccan Pouf by MaisonMarrakech
3. Salt Rock Moon Lamp by simplychi
4. Solid Black Walnut Raw Edge End Tables by Anton Maka Designs
5. The Sakura Blue Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga
6. Misty Mountains Wall Mural by Anewall Decor
7. White and Ombre Blue Linen Curtains by Lovely Home Idea
8. Wooden Clipboard with Mountain Detail by Lemonee On The Hills
9. Handmade Mountain Mirror by Flux Glass
10. Blue Glass Air Plant Holder by SNL Creations
11. Vintage Ship at Sea Painting via Homestead Seattle
12. Tumbled Blue Kyanite Pieces via Instant Karma Shop
13. Macrame Wall Hanging by Buttermilk Design Co.
14. Vintage Star Chart via Antique Print Store

see the full wishlist and more of my fav Etsy stuff over at here

The Casa Ojai | Gold + Grey


While scouring the thrift stores I came across a lovely goldenrod hued blanket with all the grandma-kitsch appeal I love and it got me to thinking about the color scheme I want for our new bedroom. I previously had a theme of grey and green and blue, which I loved but I feel like it’s time to change things up a bit. Here are some of the pretty objects I’m lusting over while I fantasize about redecorating.

1. Danish Modern Teak Dresser via OtherTimesVintage
2. Vintage Brass Pocket Change Dish via TheLittleThingsVintage
3. Geometric Wool Pillow via ScoutandWhistle
4. Stonewashed Grey Linen Bed Cover via HouseOfBalticLinen
5. Cactus Poster Art Print via TheBlackVinyl
6. Abstract Yellow Landscape Print via evesand
7. Mustard Yellow Throw Blanket via LinenFromLithuania
8. No. 09: Fig & Jasmine – 7.5 oz Soy Candle via pommesfrites
9. Honeycomb Cubby Shelves via Haase Handcraft
10.Crystal Terrarium via White Lies Jewelry
11. Two Buddha Head Planters via Brooklyn Global
12.Handmade Macramé Wall Hanging via The Wov

check out the full wishlist over on Etsy

Subtly Patriotic


I never understood people who went out and bought a whole new outfit for holidays, particularly ones like Fourth of July or St. Patricks Day. Purchasing explicitly holiday themed items has always seemed strange to me. I’ve never been the type to rock the American Flag on a t-shirt or even invest in an ugly christmas sweater. I like my clothes to work year round, or at least for the full season they are designed for. So I threw together this list of Etsy curated items that will work great for your 4th of July festivities, without making you look like the party decorations.

1. Ok, so this is more overtly patriotic than subtle, but isn’t this Vintage 48 Star Flag via Heja Home just the coolest?
2. This Lapis Totem Cuff by LaurelHill is amazonian goddess awesome.
3. Every wardrobe should have something akin to this Cherry Red Dooney and Bourke Purse via Box of Hollyhocks. Works. With. Everything.
4. Slip this 90s Vintage Cream Cotton Dress from Decades on over your swim suit when the sun gets low in the evening.
5. I am really no fan of being cold, so I would probably bring some jeans, like these Vintage Shredded Denim Levis 501 from Maeven Vintage, to slip into before the fireworks go off.
6. Patriotic or motivational? Maybe both? Guts and Glory Tapestry by Belles and Ghosts.
7. Denver is a classically American city, and this Vintage “Loved in Denver” Baseball T-Shirt from Raggedy Threads is just plain classic.
8. The Blue Devine Bralette could probably pass for a bikini top. From KateXTee.
9. A little pop of red brings in the our nations favorite primary color with this Hot Red Necklace from Wire Fox Jewelry.
10. I actually plan to wear this Gold Star Headband from Bloom Design Studio every damn day. Practicality be damned.
11. This snuggly red Aztec Poncho via PIYOYO will keep you warm as the night wears on.
12. Draw some inspiration from the classic American pin up and throw a cute Navy and White Polka Dot Headscarf on, like this one from Sassy Stitches by Lori.
13. There are so many craft brews coming out this summer and choosing between them all can be kind of tough. Expand your options with this Dual Beer Glass from the aptly named Pretentious Beer Glass.
14. Every living room needs a badass Vintage Metal Eagle Wall Hanging. Period. Haven Vintage will totally back me up on this.
15. Beach hair is the best. Beach hair that smells like strawberries? Uhm, yes please. Strawberry Beach Waves – 8oz from The Gnarly Whale

What are you doing for the Fourth?

Wants + Wishes | Not Much of a Morning Person



Mornings aren’t really my thing. Years of working in the restaurant industry have made me into an early riser who considers 9am the crack of dawn. I’ve always been envious of those people who can roll out of bed at 6am and greet the day at the same time the sun does, but I’m loath to leave the bedsheets, and the struggle from the bed to the coffee maker is a real one for me. This wish list is a testament to that, full of things I postulate might make that morning commute from the bedroom to the brewer just a little bit easier.

1. | Oh Sweatshirt by SweaterJunkieCo
2. | Hand Knitted Slippers by AnatoliaDreams
3. | Black Sand Occult Leggings by KarinaManarin
4. | Stormy Giclee Art Print by ClareElsaesser
5. | Simple Matte Black X Ear Studs by OfMatter
6. | Dose Single Serve Coffee Pour Over Brewer Stand by NateMadeGoods
7. | Wash Brush Floss Flush Sign by SweetPeonyPress
8. | Wall Clock by DesignAtelierArticle
9. | Hand thrown mug with matt black finish and eye design by  MadeFromSpace
10. | Organic Facial Care Kit – Mini Sampler/Travel Set by FIGandYARROW
11. | Sleep Forever Skull Sleep Mask by AppendageAccessories
12. | Death Before Decaf Coffee Womens T-Shirt by PyknicOfficial
13. | Black Clouds Headband by BirdApparel

How do you deal with morning-itis? Do you have any tips or tricks for rousing yourself from your slumber? Help me. I am in need of assistance.

Window Shopper | Oh, Sweet Sylvia


OhSweetSylviaGuide1. Ariel: Poems by Sylvia Plath First American Edition 1966
2. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath vintage paperback
3.  Vintage Woven Leather Flats – Size 11
4.  Vintage Style Floral Turban Headband
5.  Vintage Deadstock Black Clubmaster Eye Glasses
6.  Vintage 1950s Straw Hat
7.  Calligraphy Starter Kit
8.  Busy Bee Brooch
9.  Vintage Glass Cloche Bell Jar Dome
10. Long Wool Skirt
11.  Crazy Horse Leather Bag
12. Vintage 1950s Black Lace Gloves
13. Vintage Typewriter Oliveti Lettera 22

So, my obsession with Ms. Plath has reached new highs of late, so much so that my Etsy favorites are channeling her vibe super hard. Decided to put together this little wishlist of Plath-ian goodies that I’m pretty sure Sylvia would have approved of. That vintage Oliveti typewriter is just like one Plath used. She was so fond of writing letters, I imagine her handwriting was impeccable, so I included a little Calligraphy starter kit to prettify your poetry. That darling bumble bee brooch is an homage to her father, whose work with bees Sylvia much admired. And of course, what Sylvia-themed wishlist would be complete without copies of her most famous works, The Bell Jar and a first addition copy of Ariel.

Window Shopper | The Vixen’s Guide to Valentines Day



1. | |

Make this Valentines a little more vixen than vanilla by surprising your honey with some slightly darker delights. Play it safe with some gorgeous lingerie from Lalilouche or FRKSlingerie, or get a little wild with some light-weight bondage gear and black wax candles to drizzle on each other. Whatever happens, keep it safe and consensual, oh yeah, and have fun!

Check out more of my finds over on Etsy.

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