Caravan | 08.19.16


☽ This Strange Woman Society pin is everything.
☽ Vice wakes up with 10 Creative Women.
☽ A model gets real about trying to be the right type of pretty, and how situational/subjective beauty is.
☽ I haven’t purchased a piece in ages, but this amethyst crystal pipe from Alien Outfitters is so sick…equal parts Dark Crystal nerdiness and stoner chic.
☽ Medium and The California Sunday Magazine interviewed some of San Francisco’s homeless youth on the objects they hold dear.
☽ When three little dots mean so much more than an impending text message.
What K-Pop can teach us about good design. 
☽ These retro recreation rocket planters from Retro Revival would look amazing in my room. Small and large, please!
☽ An artist turned all the racist flirtations crap men sent her on Tinder into work that is a compelling insight on race and sex.
☽ The Environmental Working Group has a new verification program to hep consumers better identify non-toxic personal care products. That means your hunt for clean beauty products just got a helluva lot easier.
☽ How modern women are reclaiming the occult.
The photography of Shannon Taggart explores mysticism, spiritualism and the occult in modern day America…beautiful, haunting…haunted?
The hidden meaning of Alice in Wonderland:

“Delve into the writings of generations of critics, scholars and bloggers, and this beloved bedtime classic becomes variously an allegory on drug culture, a parable of British colonisation, and the story of a heroine with a bad case of penis envy.”

40 Fran Leibowitz quotes to remind you to always be a badass.
This is how you write.
☽ Are unrealistic expectations of what it means to find “the one” the reason we’re all still single?
☽ These quick profiles of 3 women who are changing the world should light a fire under you.
☽ Everyone is freaking out about Pokemon go…meanwhile, I’m freaking out about this Bulbasaur shaped ceramic planter.
☽ This cute sin away print by Ponymtl would look adorable by our kitchen sink.
☽ These earrings. I die.
☽ This delicate rose gold crescent moon necklace.

Word of the Week | Apport : a material object produced, supposedly, by occult means, particularly at a seance. 

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