Caravan | 08.19.16


August always brings on this sense of desperation to squeeze the last few drops out of summer, so I’ve been on that mission like a madwoman. Trips to Tahoe, beach days, sunburns and long walks at dusk have all been my primary objectives over the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been reading when I’m not on the water.

☽ Obsessed with everything in the Sugarhigh Lovestoned shop…especially the posters (the above print also comes on a vintage army jacket, too) and the Stardust Coveralls.
☽ And then theres these vintage jumpsuits, which are killinnngggg meeeee.
☽ In trying to clean up my act, I’ve been trying to find ethically sourced everything, and this amazing fair-trade, organic coffee delivery service might be my answer to the ethical conundrum that comes with conventional coffee.
☽ In keeping with that, here’s a little DIY sustainable cold brew method from Ecocult.
☽ My quest to put everything in Mason Jars is nearly complete. Snacks. Spices. Office Supplies. Soggy rainbow cotton balls. Weed. I am every hipster stereotype ever.
DIY botanical cologne.
☽ Been thinking lately that I need to find a new city…but where?
☽ Your zodiac sign is kinky.
☽ And here’s a sweet zodiac ring to let ’em know what’s up.  Actually, let’s just talk about all the things I want from VeraMeat right now.
☽ A 3-ingredient dry shampoo recipe. We’re in a drought, I’m saving water.
☽ Prerequisite feminist swag.
☽ This tugs at the planner nerd in me…the Rituals for Living Dreambook is a beautiful way to set and conquer goals.
☽ Bring back jelly shoes. Much nostalgia.

☽ He Who Must Not Be Named had a ghostwriter pen his bestselling book…and homie has a lot to say about the Drumpf.

In his journal, Schwartz wrote, “Trump stands for many of the things I abhor: his willingness to run over people, the gaudy, tacky, gigantic obsessions, the absolute lack of interest in anything beyond power and money.”

Pokemon planters, the tactile version of all your PokemonGo dreams.
☽ Still learning the delicate art of asking…such a powerful tool.
☽ This cute coozie is appropriate.
☽ Be nice to the Sephora employee‘s, they hold the secret to matching concealer, and that is a power you do not want wielded against you.

☽ Your crazy is making you poor; how mental health and poverty are intrinsically linked.

“Because most people with mental-health problems are poorer, they don’t have the savings or the means to cope with fluctuations in their finances, leading to a cycle of deprivation. You don’t deal with it, you get debt problems. It’s incredibly common,” she says. A frictionless system makes it even easier to fall into this cycle.”

☽ These 70’s era cocaine paraphernalia ads are hilarious. “Tonights forecast? Snow.”
☽ I, along with everyone else raised in the late 80’s and early 90’s, am obsessed with Stranger Things…but YTF is no one mourning Barb?
☽ If you weren’t already aware, I’m a huge Anime nerd and thus, this article on what the architecture of anime’s can teach us about the future of cities is fucking fascinating to me.
The Story of Feminist Punk 101 in 33 songs = summer playlist
☽ Thank god for the triumphant return of zine culture. Check out Not Shit Zine, a skate magazine that doesn’t just glorify quad-wheeled man-babies. Available fo’ FREEZIE on SADTP (Skate And Destroy The Patriarchy).
☽ This perfectly satisfies both my Pokemon nerdery, and my mythology nerdery.
Comic book heroes get realistic bodies.
Stop. Shaming. Women. For. Their. Bodies.

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Posters available at Sugarhigh Lovestoned


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