Caravan | 07.08.16


Hey there, Home Fries. I can’t believe it’s already July! Summer in San Francisco has been surprisingly balmy, which is shocking since the months of June through August are generally pretty chilly here in SF. I’ve been taking advantage with long walks to the tops of hills and lots of park-lounging. How do you like to take advantage of the heat? This is all the stuff I was reading while I was laying in the grass somewhere.

☽ Research shows that straight people don’t exist…and that a lot of the other crap we believe about sexuality is BS.
Ms. Magazine and the Bluestocking Film Series put together a list of 22 films celebrating complex women and every single one looks awesome.
☽ Two words, kids: bog butter. Never mind that it’s 2,000 years old.
☽ Baroque-style portraits of the food that famous musical acts require in their dressing rooms. Be prepared, Rihanna may demand turkey bacon and/or sausage at any time during the day.
Ghost signs of San Francisco’s past
Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) is a program pairing travelers with creators around the world.
☽ This Ziggy Stardust tribute skirt is EVERYTHING.
☽ A real-life version of the Beach plays out at a secluded hostel in the jungle somewhere, where backpackers live in a hedonistic utopia. (NSFW…you’ve been warned)
☽ Scientist discover that King Tut had a dagger made out of space metal.
☽ [NSFW!] The naughty illustrations of Apollonia Saintclair might make your boss uncomfortable.
☽ This is the prettiest prickly pear embroidered bralette
☽ Could you go a year without buying anything? 183 days in, Michelle McGagh reflects on 6 months without a single purchase besides food and bills.
☽ This is the coolest freaking lunchbox I have ever seen.
6 ways to take your networking to the next level. 
☽ Why we should really start to consider drinking a mental health issue.
☽ How to take better travel photos.
Sex, Drugs and Broomsticks; where the iconography of the Witch came from.
☽ This little girl face lapel pin is too freakin’ cute.
Three eyed kitten stickers.
☽ I think everyone could use a scale model of the Golden Girl’s house, or better (and cheaper) yet, the DIY version.
☽ What color is love. This editorial is so beautiful. The colors!
☽ Benjamin Franklin’s advice on how to remain a constant learner throughout life.
What rape jokes look like when their actually funny.
☽ this ID interview with Masie Cousins. ♥♥♥
☽ Trauma doesn’t start with you. Whoa.
☽ For all my runners out there, this AI personal trainer looks pretty nifty.
☽ This short film exposes the subtitles of emotional abuse.
☽ This blew my mind; some people are incapable of visualizing something in their mind. It’s called Aphantasia.



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