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Mornings aren’t really my thing. Years of working in the restaurant industry have made me into an early riser who considers 9am the crack of dawn. I’ve always been envious of those people who can roll out of bed at 6am and greet the day at the same time the sun does, but I’m loath to leave the bedsheets, and the struggle from the bed to the coffee maker is a real one for me. This wish list is a testament to that, full of things I postulate might make that morning commute from the bedroom to the brewer just a little bit easier.

1. | Oh Sweatshirt by SweaterJunkieCo
2. | Hand Knitted Slippers by AnatoliaDreams
3. | Black Sand Occult Leggings by KarinaManarin
4. | Stormy Giclee Art Print by ClareElsaesser
5. | Simple Matte Black X Ear Studs by OfMatter
6. | Dose Single Serve Coffee Pour Over Brewer Stand by NateMadeGoods
7. | Wash Brush Floss Flush Sign by SweetPeonyPress
8. | Wall Clock by DesignAtelierArticle
9. | Hand thrown mug with matt black finish and eye design by  MadeFromSpace
10. | Organic Facial Care Kit – Mini Sampler/Travel Set by FIGandYARROW
11. | Sleep Forever Skull Sleep Mask by AppendageAccessories
12. | Death Before Decaf Coffee Womens T-Shirt by PyknicOfficial
13. | Black Clouds Headband by BirdApparel

How do you deal with morning-itis? Do you have any tips or tricks for rousing yourself from your slumber? Help me. I am in need of assistance.

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  1. I just got a horrible app alarm clock that plays super loud obnoxious noises and in order for me to turn it off I have to play tic-tac-toe, but you know how that game goes playing against anyone that isn’t 4 years old, they’re all tie games! So by the 10th tied game or so the computer will feel sorry for me and let me when, and by this time I’m so frustrated I can’t go back to sleep. Did its job. Still searching for a better alarm clock….

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