Caravan | 08.19.16


☽ This Strange Woman Society pin is everything.
☽ Vice wakes up with 10 Creative Women.
☽ A model gets real about trying to be the right type of pretty, and how situational/subjective beauty is.
☽ I haven’t purchased a piece in ages, but this amethyst crystal pipe from Alien Outfitters is so sick…equal parts Dark Crystal nerdiness and stoner chic.
☽ Medium and The California Sunday Magazine interviewed some of San Francisco’s homeless youth on the objects they hold dear.
☽ When three little dots mean so much more than an impending text message.
What K-Pop can teach us about good design. 
☽ These retro recreation rocket planters from Retro Revival would look amazing in my room. Small and large, please!
☽ An artist turned all the racist flirtations crap men sent her on Tinder into work that is a compelling insight on race and sex.
☽ The Environmental Working Group has a new verification program to hep consumers better identify non-toxic personal care products. That means your hunt for clean beauty products just got a helluva lot easier.
☽ How modern women are reclaiming the occult.
The photography of Shannon Taggart explores mysticism, spiritualism and the occult in modern day America…beautiful, haunting…haunted?
The hidden meaning of Alice in Wonderland:

“Delve into the writings of generations of critics, scholars and bloggers, and this beloved bedtime classic becomes variously an allegory on drug culture, a parable of British colonisation, and the story of a heroine with a bad case of penis envy.”

40 Fran Leibowitz quotes to remind you to always be a badass.
This is how you write.
☽ Are unrealistic expectations of what it means to find “the one” the reason we’re all still single?
☽ These quick profiles of 3 women who are changing the world should light a fire under you.
☽ Everyone is freaking out about Pokemon go…meanwhile, I’m freaking out about this Bulbasaur shaped ceramic planter.
☽ This cute sin away print by Ponymtl would look adorable by our kitchen sink.
☽ These earrings. I die.
☽ This delicate rose gold crescent moon necklace.

Word of the Week | Apport : a material object produced, supposedly, by occult means, particularly at a seance. 

Threads | TaHome

No matter where I go, no matter what city I find myself in…this place will always call to me. As distant as I get from it at times, as disconnected and disillusioned as I can be, running around the bustling metropolis that is San Francisco…I find myself always longing for a little taste of the mountain air, for a moment with the sun and the sand and the icy water that seems so impossibly blue.

I find the call of the mountains and the lake particularly difficult to resist during the summer months, when I find my various social media feeds flush with photos of glimmering water and sun-soaked beaches and the smiling, suntanned faces of the friends who stayed.

I was able to take some time off from work and make a pilgrimage to the lake. My cousin was getting married and my mother’s entire family had descended upon the South Shore and it seemed irresponsible to not come up and supervise, so I took a week off work, packed far too many outfits, and boarded a bus bound for Reno.

I stopped at the Wild River Grill in Reno’s revitalized River Walk area for a glass of champagne (or two!) to kick off my vacation. I had a simple but delicious sandwich, and listened to Alabama Shakes’ album,  Sound & Color while the heat of the desert pushed the air through my hair. It felt like the first moment of summer vacation. My mom picked me up and we drove up the mountains, cresting the summit to the glimmering expanse of the lake spread below us. It’s a sight that never gets old, never ceases to make you pause and appreciate the wonder that nature has wrought.

I spent the majority of the week running around in dirty cut-offs and breezy tops. This particular pink number gets a lot of play, both in vacay-land and in my regular life. It’s the perfect button down and has re-ignited my love of over-sized vintage button downs from the 80’s and 90’s. I tried to get in as much time as possible with the woods, the water and these two great, furry beasts. The black lab is my brother’s spirit animal, Zeke, and the golden is my mom’s fur-baby, Nate.

I did get dressed up for the wedding, but, as expected…only managed to capture one mediocre image of my wedding attire…it’s on instagram, if you’re so inclined. As I said, I packed entirely too many outfits, considering that these shorts and my bathing suit dominated the sartorial spectrum this week. I cannot be blamed. summer in Tahoe is an exceptionally casual affair.

Back in the city and I’m reminded how important these times are for me. How essential to my spirit and my mental health retreating to the woods is. I am so blessed to be able to return to this place, to always be able to call it home.

Outfit Details | Shorts :: Thrifted | Shirt :: Thrifted | Sandals :: Seychelles 

Mixtape | Aug 2016 | Summer Vibes


Image Credit | Found on Pinterest

Caravan | 08.19.16


August always brings on this sense of desperation to squeeze the last few drops out of summer, so I’ve been on that mission like a madwoman. Trips to Tahoe, beach days, sunburns and long walks at dusk have all been my primary objectives over the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been reading when I’m not on the water.

☽ Obsessed with everything in the Sugarhigh Lovestoned shop…especially the posters (the above print also comes on a vintage army jacket, too) and the Stardust Coveralls.
☽ And then theres these vintage jumpsuits, which are killinnngggg meeeee.
☽ In trying to clean up my act, I’ve been trying to find ethically sourced everything, and this amazing fair-trade, organic coffee delivery service might be my answer to the ethical conundrum that comes with conventional coffee.
☽ In keeping with that, here’s a little DIY sustainable cold brew method from Ecocult.
☽ My quest to put everything in Mason Jars is nearly complete. Snacks. Spices. Office Supplies. Soggy rainbow cotton balls. Weed. I am every hipster stereotype ever.
DIY botanical cologne.
☽ Been thinking lately that I need to find a new city…but where?
☽ Your zodiac sign is kinky.
☽ And here’s a sweet zodiac ring to let ’em know what’s up.  Actually, let’s just talk about all the things I want from VeraMeat right now.
☽ A 3-ingredient dry shampoo recipe. We’re in a drought, I’m saving water.
☽ Prerequisite feminist swag.
☽ This tugs at the planner nerd in me…the Rituals for Living Dreambook is a beautiful way to set and conquer goals.
☽ Bring back jelly shoes. Much nostalgia.

☽ He Who Must Not Be Named had a ghostwriter pen his bestselling book…and homie has a lot to say about the Drumpf.

In his journal, Schwartz wrote, “Trump stands for many of the things I abhor: his willingness to run over people, the gaudy, tacky, gigantic obsessions, the absolute lack of interest in anything beyond power and money.”

Pokemon planters, the tactile version of all your PokemonGo dreams.
☽ Still learning the delicate art of asking…such a powerful tool.
☽ This cute coozie is appropriate.
☽ Be nice to the Sephora employee‘s, they hold the secret to matching concealer, and that is a power you do not want wielded against you.

☽ Your crazy is making you poor; how mental health and poverty are intrinsically linked.

“Because most people with mental-health problems are poorer, they don’t have the savings or the means to cope with fluctuations in their finances, leading to a cycle of deprivation. You don’t deal with it, you get debt problems. It’s incredibly common,” she says. A frictionless system makes it even easier to fall into this cycle.”

☽ These 70’s era cocaine paraphernalia ads are hilarious. “Tonights forecast? Snow.”
☽ I, along with everyone else raised in the late 80’s and early 90’s, am obsessed with Stranger Things…but YTF is no one mourning Barb?
☽ If you weren’t already aware, I’m a huge Anime nerd and thus, this article on what the architecture of anime’s can teach us about the future of cities is fucking fascinating to me.
The Story of Feminist Punk 101 in 33 songs = summer playlist
☽ Thank god for the triumphant return of zine culture. Check out Not Shit Zine, a skate magazine that doesn’t just glorify quad-wheeled man-babies. Available fo’ FREEZIE on SADTP (Skate And Destroy The Patriarchy).
☽ This perfectly satisfies both my Pokemon nerdery, and my mythology nerdery.
Comic book heroes get realistic bodies.
Stop. Shaming. Women. For. Their. Bodies.

Image Credit
Posters available at Sugarhigh Lovestoned


Dangerous Thoughts | What’s Your Side Hustle?


I’ve done a million things for money in my short time on this planet. In chronological order I have worked as; a baby sitter, a pet/house sitter, a hostess, an art salesperson, a barista, a retail clerk, an interior designer, a waitress and a bartender (my present employment). I’ve made money buying clothes from second-hand shops and re-selling them to places like Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. I’ve participated in focus groups and once got paid to appear in a Dove commercial. One of my first jobs was as a roadie for a harpist. You read that right. That is the least cool music gig on the planet, but it payed $15 an hour and I only had to do, like, 20 minutes of real work at the beginning and end of every gig. While I was living in Southern California I worked as a freelance designer and as a cleaning lady at an Air B’n’B property. I’m presently employed as a bartender again, and while the money is great and the hours flexible, I find myself restless.

I recently stumbled across this article on Quartz about Millenial’s Obsession with the “side hustle.” These strange side-gigs everyone my age seems to be running while simultaneously working at a 9-5 or busting our ass at a service job. Most of the people I know are spinning a couple of plates at any given moment. A dude I grew up with whose perfecting his photo-game when he’s not helping his dad run his auto shop. Another whose grinding hard to make his music, his passion, his primary hustle. An artist who spends her days and evenings clearing other people’s food and taking orders, but stays up all night creating art that she sells on Etsy. My homegirl whose spending 50+ hours a week running a kitchen in somebody else’s restaurant and trying to get her own food truck off the ground in her off hours.

I think a big part of this phenomenon is the fact that most of us need to make more money than our day jobs allow, in order to pay our bills, our exorbitant rent and our interest-gaining student loans. Sure, desperate times call for desperate measures, but I think a majority of the reason so many of us have something else on the stove is that we’re hungry for something more than our day job’s provide. For a lot of us, our side hustle is usually what we wish we were doing when we’re at your job. Your side hustle, from my limited perspective, seems to be how you figure out the true answer to that question we’ve been asked since we were old enough to talk; “what do you want to do with your life?” A lot of us picked our answers right out of the gate. Doctor. Lawyer. Fireman. Others hm’d and haw’d over it for weeks, months, years. Some of us are still trying to work that answer out.

I’ve wanted to be a million things since I first heard that question and I’ve tried my hand at a fair number of the options on my list, but I realized a while ago that the thing I’ve wanted the longest and the most consistently was to write. I still haven’t quite decided what I’m writing about, but I suppose the best way is to just begin. To write as much and as frequently as possible, to hear feedback, to not be afraid of expressing my thoughts.

I stepped away from this blog for a long time, almost a year to the day, actually. There were a lot of reasons for this, and many of them remain unresolved, but I have decided that this is what I want to do. That writing and communicating through this medium has always felt like It…that thing that I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe I’ll never earn a dime for it, maybe it will always be a side hustle that never evolves much beyond a personal art project of sorts. So be it. Making art isn’t about making money. Sometimes, you get lucky and you make money from your art. Most of the time, you just make art. Because it’s beautiful, because it’s what you feel compelled to do. Sometimes you do something, not because it’s going to make you rich or famous, but because the act of doing it brings you joy, because it quells some desperate need in you to make something of your own, whether it’s an album or an image or a taco truck or a fucking blog. Chase your dream, even if it’s only on the side.

Caravan | 07.08.16


Hey there, Home Fries. I can’t believe it’s already July! Summer in San Francisco has been surprisingly balmy, which is shocking since the months of June through August are generally pretty chilly here in SF. I’ve been taking advantage with long walks to the tops of hills and lots of park-lounging. How do you like to take advantage of the heat? This is all the stuff I was reading while I was laying in the grass somewhere.

☽ Research shows that straight people don’t exist…and that a lot of the other crap we believe about sexuality is BS.
Ms. Magazine and the Bluestocking Film Series put together a list of 22 films celebrating complex women and every single one looks awesome.
☽ Two words, kids: bog butter. Never mind that it’s 2,000 years old.
☽ Baroque-style portraits of the food that famous musical acts require in their dressing rooms. Be prepared, Rihanna may demand turkey bacon and/or sausage at any time during the day.
Ghost signs of San Francisco’s past
Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) is a program pairing travelers with creators around the world.
☽ This Ziggy Stardust tribute skirt is EVERYTHING.
☽ A real-life version of the Beach plays out at a secluded hostel in the jungle somewhere, where backpackers live in a hedonistic utopia. (NSFW…you’ve been warned)
☽ Scientist discover that King Tut had a dagger made out of space metal.
☽ [NSFW!] The naughty illustrations of Apollonia Saintclair might make your boss uncomfortable.
☽ This is the prettiest prickly pear embroidered bralette
☽ Could you go a year without buying anything? 183 days in, Michelle McGagh reflects on 6 months without a single purchase besides food and bills.
☽ This is the coolest freaking lunchbox I have ever seen.
6 ways to take your networking to the next level. 
☽ Why we should really start to consider drinking a mental health issue.
☽ How to take better travel photos.
Sex, Drugs and Broomsticks; where the iconography of the Witch came from.
☽ This little girl face lapel pin is too freakin’ cute.
Three eyed kitten stickers.
☽ I think everyone could use a scale model of the Golden Girl’s house, or better (and cheaper) yet, the DIY version.
☽ What color is love. This editorial is so beautiful. The colors!
☽ Benjamin Franklin’s advice on how to remain a constant learner throughout life.
What rape jokes look like when their actually funny.
☽ this ID interview with Masie Cousins. ♥♥♥
☽ Trauma doesn’t start with you. Whoa.
☽ For all my runners out there, this AI personal trainer looks pretty nifty.
☽ This short film exposes the subtitles of emotional abuse.
☽ This blew my mind; some people are incapable of visualizing something in their mind. It’s called Aphantasia.



Timewarp | 1950’s Teens on the Porch


There’s something about a summer day spent lounging on the porch. Sweet tea or lemonade in hand, a friend or two to keep you company. Mix in a little music, some bare feet and maybe a porch swing or a rocking chair and you’ve pretty much got it made. Much like these teens in the 1950’s via Life Magazine.

Book Club | San Francisco : A Sunset Pictorial


I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite vintage books, including this recent find. A 1969 Sunset Pictorial of my old turf, San Francisco. Full of dreamy black and whites and the occasional full color spread, there is still a timelessness to San Francisco that is perfectly captured here. The city preserves it’s strange beauty, the clamor of it’s hodgepodge houses on the hillside. The sweeping views and the tightly-knit neighborhoods. It is such a vast sampling of humanity on such a narrow spit of land and There is definitely an energy to a place and San Francisco’s is wonderfully unique and shines through, even in old photos.






Threads + Thoughts | On Why I Choose Vintage


Recently, while creeping on Elizabeth’s blog, I came across a post she did on ethically made clothing. In this post she discusses our cultures obsession with fast fashion and instant gratification. She expresses concern over our societies consumption of items we neither value nor hold on to for any real length of time. It is disposable fashion, cheaply made by underpaid and poorly cared for workers in a sweatshop half the world away.

I had already hastily banged out the first draft of this post when I then encountered a post by Ellie of Thrift Eye, which introduced me to this video…which got me to thinking more about why and where I shop the places I do.

I choose vintage and thrifted items for a lot of reasons. When I was a teenager, just discovering thrifting, I was in it for the price tag. Bang for your buck? You ain’t seen nothin’ till you’ve scoured a thrift store with me. I could go in with my measly tips from my hostessing shifts at a local restaurant and walk out with a whole new wardrobe. And cute shit for my room to boot. But I also loved turning other peoples garbage into gold. I guess it’s a tendency I’ve had since I was a kid, dumpster diving with my brother in the apartment complex my dad lived in to pass the time (gross, I know. I spent a lot of time unsupervised as a child). I found an odd sort of beauty in these discarded items. Birthday cards and thumbed-through magazines, old clothes and children’s toys. They were still, fundamentally, what they had been designed to be. People had just gotten tired of them, and so they were abandoned to a garbage bin, a dumpster, a landfill.


Fortunately, I grew out of the whole garbage picking thing (sort of*) and fell in love with thrift and vintage stores. I think for me it’s the history. There is a certain mystery to a thing that has known a whole lifetime before you. It’s the same sort of feeling I get when I walk through a museum or an old building. There are stories here, imbued in these objects, encapsulated in these things that most people treat so callously.

Perhaps that is sentimental of me. Perhaps a bit materialistic. But in a world where an island of garbage exists in the Pacific Ocean which is believed to be twice the size of Texas…perhaps we should reconsider our policy of “out with the old, in with the new” and have a little more concern and care for the objects we populate our lives with.


I’ll admit, I’ve spent my fair share of change at places like Forever21 and H&M. Urban Outfitters still makes the best fitting jeans I’ve ever worn. But lately, my conscience has been nagging me. It’s not just the environmental impact of our gross over consumption which disturbs me, but also the social implications of an industry which capitalizes off the poorest and most desperate populations in order to produce it’s goods.


And this is true for much more than just our clothing. This sort of shady business exists in everything from the products we use in our home to the food we put in our bodies. I don’t want to be a part of it any more. I don’t want to give my hard earned cash to companies that do terrible things, mistreat their employees, lie to and manipulate their customers and generally contribute more to the worlds ills. I’ve made it a general policy of this blog to only feature independent artists, designers, and craftspeople. All of my wish lists are pretty much exclusively curated from Etsy, and that has been a very intentional choice on my part. I wanted to use whatever limited influence I have to direct people towards spending their money on indie business, to send their hard-earned cash to someone who was working equally as hard as them…not to some wealthy CEO kicking it on a yacht in the South of France while Indonesian children sew together cheap tube tops for their company. That’s not what I believe in, those aren’t the business’s I want to support or condone. I also believe that there is a way to dress fashionably and affordably without having to go through the likes of F21 and H&M, and that investment pieces should be investments because their really effing cool and well made, not just because they have a fancy designer name.

So, I suppose the point of all this pontification is that I want y’all to take a long hard look at your closets, at the places you spend your money and where those dollars go. Do they support local, independent business? Do they go towards pieces you really love and will wear for years to come? Or are you throwing your cash at conglomerates who design and manufacture pieces that are intended to fall apart/fall out of style within six months of purchase. And I want you to ask yourself why? Why buy something that every fifth girl you run into is going to be wearing? Why buy something that is so transient, they didn’t even bother to make it well? Because it’s cheap? Because it’s trendy? Swing by your local thrift store and you’ll realize all that cheaply made 90’s throwback shit they’ve got at F21 is available there for $3.00 and it’s actually from the 90’s.

Allright. Rant over. Here’s a gratuitous booty shot to lighten things up.


:: outfit details ::
white cami :: vintage :: thrifted | denim skirt :: vintage guess usa :: thrifted | shoes :: reef :: thrifted | leather back pack :: vintage :: thrifted | braided leather belt :: vintage :: thrifted

The Casa Ojai | Zen Space


We plan on having our office space pull double duty as both a workspace and a relaxation/mediation room. Kyanite is one of my favorite stones and is used to calm and clear energy, restore balance and facilitate meditation, which was precisely the vibe I was going for, so I let the tones of this pretty blue and grey stone dictate my color scheme for our zen room.

1. Ceramic Phone Dock and Succulent Planter by STAK Ceramics
2. Tan Leather Moroccan Pouf by MaisonMarrakech
3. Salt Rock Moon Lamp by simplychi
4. Solid Black Walnut Raw Edge End Tables by Anton Maka Designs
5. The Sakura Blue Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga
6. Misty Mountains Wall Mural by Anewall Decor
7. White and Ombre Blue Linen Curtains by Lovely Home Idea
8. Wooden Clipboard with Mountain Detail by Lemonee On The Hills
9. Handmade Mountain Mirror by Flux Glass
10. Blue Glass Air Plant Holder by SNL Creations
11. Vintage Ship at Sea Painting via Homestead Seattle
12. Tumbled Blue Kyanite Pieces via Instant Karma Shop
13. Macrame Wall Hanging by Buttermilk Design Co.
14. Vintage Star Chart via Antique Print Store

see the full wishlist and more of my fav Etsy stuff over at here

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